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  This year in History we have studied the Middle Ages and one of the topics that we looked at was Castles. We considered many aspects of castles including how to attack and defend them and the various features that they might have. To bring this subject to life, we went on the annual trip to Warwick Castle in Warwickshire
to see multiple shows and to experience what it would have felt like to live in a castle and how they evolved from the motte and bailey to the stone keep. Once we arrived we went to watch a real trebuchet being fired! During this display, there was also a live explanation on how trebuchets worked and why they operated in the way they did. We watched the trebuchet fire a boulder into a nearby field whilst some of us captured it in slow motion on camera.
After this, we went to watch the Bird of Prey display where a man explained how the birds are trained and information about breeding. We saw three different birds, all trained within the grounds of Warwick Castle.
The show also included seeing the birds fly around and an explanation of their history. After this informative event we went up to the top of the motte where we got a view of the surrounding land and the rest of the
castle before heading down to the bailey. The bailey contained multiple merchandise and food stalls, which we got to explore afterwards, but before this we went on a tour around a section of the castle. We explored the rooms which were decorated in the styles of different historical periods. There were wax figures scattered around including those of Henry VIII and his wives and an exhibition showing an aerial view of Warwick Castle.
This section also contained a chapel which was used for prayer. Afterwards we had some time to explore the gift shops which contained medieval themed merchandise like feather quills and pots of ink. There were also medieval bracelets and multiple styles of pencils and notebooks. After this tour we returned to the bailey where we got the option to take a trip up onto the castle walls or run around exploring the gift shops. After half an hour of exploring, we headed back home.
The Project
Following on from this trip we were set the task of completing a medieval project. There were multiple possibilities to choose from including: creating a book, making a model, filming movies or even designing and sewing clothes based upon medieval designs.
Erin and I decided to create a book including four themes. We decided to write about Castles, The Plague in 1066 and Clothing. We tea-stained the paper to give it an aged look and used pure black ink pens to make
it look more authentic. We wrote in cursive and all by hand, slanted to the left. This created a more realistic, authentic look. We used leather to wrap the book to make it feel old. We used funky picture frames to make some of the pictures stand out and printed out plenty
of pictures so that the reader had plenty of information and images. We stitched the book together, making sure it looked as realistic as possible.
 Vanessa Chicumbo and Erin Ashaolu, Year 7

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