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The School’s annual ski trip took place in the Easter holidays to the Alps in Italy. As always, the trip was a great success and we all made some great memories!
After an early morning set-off from school and some long coach journeys in the UK and in Italy, we finally arrived in Passo Tonale. The hotel was lovely and big and located right next to the ski runs. After a well- deserved full night’s sleep, we gathered early the next morning to grab our skis, boots and helmets. We were sorted into ability groups and met with our ski instructors.
From then onwards, the week was non-stop. We skied from 9am until 11am every morning and then, after a quick lunch stop, skied another 3 hours from 1pm until 4pm every afternoon. The resort had many runs and there were four blue-sky days, which were amazing. We also had about a metre of snow one evening and that was great, as we went snowballing and jumping in the snow!
On the nights we had a great time. Some nights we went into town and went sledging on the ski runs, tried the local pizza restaurants, or ice cream shops. Other nights we chilled in the hotel and played pool, or had a quiz. A disco night gifted us with Mr Walmsley’s incredible dance moves, something I’m sure none of us will ever forget!
The week ended all too quickly. Overall, all had an incredible time. The ski instructors were funny, friendly and supportive and the hotel was great. We had great weather, with clear blue skies and bright sunshine for the majority of the days, which made the trip even better.
We made lots of new friends and found Italy a great place for a ski trip. The days were so busy and fun that when we returned safely to Hymers on the Saturday evening, we were all ready for a good rest!
Jessica Carrison, Year 9
    Year 11 students undertook a fieldtrip to assess the success of the redevelopment projects at three sites in the Newington and St Andrew’s wards. They collected environmental quality surveys data which was later analysed and was used for their paper 3 preparation.
Miss N Batch

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