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   Girls’ 1st Team Holland Tour
 Tour Match
 22 Aug 17
  Away vs. Framlingham College
  Lost 0-6
   Tour Match
 23 Aug 17
  Away vs. MHC Weesp
  Lost 0-7
   European Youth Hockey Festival
 23 Aug 17
 Braxgata HC
 Lost 0-2
 25 Aug 17
 Lost 0-1
 26 Aug 17
 Breda HC
 Lost 2-3
 27 Aug 17
  Lost 0-8
   27 Aug 17
Breda HC
  Lost 0-1
 27 Aug 17
  Rob Short
  Drew 1-1
   Repton Tournament
 29 Aug 17
  Trent College
  Lost 1-2
   29 Aug 17
 Sedbergh School
   Lost 0-5
   30 Aug 17
 Framlingham College Girls – U16A
   Drew 2-2
   30 Aug 17
 Cranleigh School Girls – U16A
   Lost 1-2
 The First team hockey squad went on a pre-season
tour to Amsterdam this summer. Before leaving the country, we stopped at Framlingham College, where we bumped into a friendly face: Mr Gandy. We played an outdoor match and lost. This was the first time we had all played together as a team, with a lot of new players, and it was as difficult as could be expected. After lunch we split into two indoor teams, U18A and U18B, and played two more matches in which we both lost. After quickly getting changed we boarded the coach again and headed to Ipswich, where we went go-karting. The standard was of a very wide range from Mrs Elstone, who adopted a more reserved technique, to Mr Murray’s competitively dangerous style, unfortunately making him the overall winner.
It was a one-hour drive to the port to catch the overnight ferry, which we almost missed, due to Mr Murray gloating about his go karting win; so we had to skip dinner until on the Ferry. Once boarded and fed we headed to the cabins for bed. We arrived in the Hook of Holland in
the morning and then boarded another coach that took us to Amsterdam. We headed into the centre of the city and went to the famous Vondelpark for a delicious lunch. After an afternoon of strolling around we headed for MHC Weesp for our opening match. We played as more of a team, but we were still defeated by a very strong side.
The next morning we headed to Pinoke Hockey Club. The day itself was an important one for certain team
members as it was GCSE results day and the girls were
all very anxious. We had a professional coaching session which was led by Jesse Mahieu, a former Olympian
who won a silver medal in hockey at the 2004 Olympic Games. He may have been slightly underwhelmed at our standard, but the girls thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were exhausted by the end. After training it was
a quick turnaround to get to the Wagener Stadium to watch the EuroHockey play-offs and semi-finals. The first match we watched was Spain vs Scotland, with Spain winning the match 2-1. We all found it very exciting watching hockey being played at a professional level and seeing how fast the game can actually be played.
We then watched Germany vs Belgium in the first semi- final, which resulted in Belgium winning 1-0. After that match it was time for the game we had all been waiting for ... England vs The Netherlands. For those who don’t know, the Dutch go nuts for hockey, so the atmosphere

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